Service User Vacancies

  • Orchards 2 - a homely semi detached cottage overlooking farmland with a generous bedroom and en-suite shower. Shared modern kitchen, dining and lounge area.
  • Sevenoaks - a modern bungalow with extensive land, sensory garden and within walking distance of the town centre of Coleford.

         Both homes are situated in the beautiful Forest of Dean.


For more information about the vacancies please contact email our Head of Support & Operations or call 01594 861137


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News and Events

  • 25/01/2018 2:48pm
  • Orchard Trust will be promoting Dignity Action day with a coffee morning on Thursday 1st Feb 2018.

  • 08/01/2018 3:25pm
  • Trust Our Voice put together a video about the group.  They all got involved videoing, being part of the film and helping with voice overs.