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As part of the Forest of Dean Action Alliance the Orchard Trust are hoisting guided walks around their Stowfield smallholding on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

As much a social event as a gentle exercise, the walks will start with some social activity (tea/coffee, cake and biscuits) followed by some gentle exercise, led by a walk leader.  These walks are mainly aimed at people who are living with Dementia and their carers but  are also suitable for those with mobility difficulties who would like to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and supportive environment.

Thanks to recent grant funding the site has a network of level tarmac paths which are wide enough to support two wheelchairs to pass comfortably and for those who use a walking aid to be supported on both sides.  The paths allow all the paddocks and livestock to be easily reached and link up with the sensory garden.  there are plenty of benches to rest along the way and a splendid new all weather gazebo which allows visitors the chance to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, the wonderful views and the interaction with livestock and the local wildlife.

The Stowfield site also offers facilities for all personal care needs, including electric hoist and a changing table, but visitors must provide their own support staff where needed.

The group meet at 10.30am on the 3rd Thursday at Orchard Trust Smallholding, Upper Stowfield GL17 9PD

There is no charge for this activity but a donation for refreshments would be appreciated.  If you would like more details about Gentle Country Walks please call Phill or George on 01594 861359 or email

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News and Events

  • 07/08/2018 2:40pm
  • Sunshine, music and games! We had a fantastic day at our Summer Fair on 22 July.

  • 03/07/2018 12:15pm
  • Cathy, Kate and Kayleigh completed their sky dive and have raised £1,130.00 for the Orchard Trust.  A big thank you to everyone who donated and of course to Cathy, Kate and Kayleigh for jumping out of the plane!